As C. L. Redfield has protected substantial promotion for his attempt to strengthen up the Lamarckian concept. It is entitled to a couple of words of remark. His contention is that “the energy in animals. Called knowledge and physical strength are identical with the energy understood in auto mechanics. And also is controlled by the very same regulations.” He consequently wraps up that an animal accumulates energy in its body. In some undescribed as well as mystical method. And also that in some equally undescribed and also mystical way it transmits this stored-up energy to its children. It follows that he believes remarkable children are created by parents. Advanced age since the latter has actually had even more time to do the function. And store up power for transmission. In his own words: 야짤모음

  • ” Enlightening the grandpa helps to make the grandson a remarkable person … We are, in our inheritance, precisely what our forefathers made us by the work they carried out prior to duplicating. Whether our descendants are to be better or worse than we are will depend upon the amount as well as the type of job we do before we generate them.”

The question of the influence of parental age on the characters of the spawn is among wonderful importance, for the solution of which the required truths have actually not yet been united. The data put together by Mr. Redfield are of value, yet his interpretation of them can not be accepted for the following factors.

  • 1. In the light of modern psychology, it is ridiculous to lump all sorts of brainpower under one head, and also to expect that the papa’s exercise of reasoning power, as an example, will certainly store up “power” to be shown up in the spawn in the form of exec or artistic capability. Brainpowers are much partitioned and are inherited separately. Mr. Redfield’s idea of the process is a lot as well unrefined.

Furthermore, Mr. Redfield’s whole conception of the boost of knowledge with rising old in a parent reveals a disregard of the truths of psychology. As E. A. Doll has actually evolution, in criticizing Mr. Redfield’s recent and severe insurance claim that feeble-mindedness is the item of early marital relationship, it is incorrect to mention 20-, 30-, or 40-year criteria of knowledge; for current investigates in the measurement of psychological development suggest that the heritable standard of knowledge of adults increases extremely little beyond the age of roughly 16 years.

  • A person 40 years old has an added experience of a quarter of a century. Therefore has a bigger mental content. But his intelligence is still nearly at the 16-year degree. Psychological activity is the impact, not the cause, of mental development or development. Education and learning merely transform integral psychological powers to good account; it makes really little modification in those powers themselves. To intend that a father can, by research study, raise his natural degree of intelligence as well as transmit it at the brand-new degree to his son, is a naïve suggestion that finds no warrant in the well-known realities of psychological evolution.